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Welcome to Ultrascan KPO


Ultrascan KPO is a subsidiary of Ultrascan Research Services is an international research organization with over 3200 experts in 69 countries. 

What sets Ultrascan Research Services apart is its "feet in the street". Ultrascan Research Services not only employs academics, but also doctors, physicians and ex law enforcement personnel, a powerful mix of science and streetwise skills.

90% of our experts are local: they speak the language and have a vast network in their home country.

Ultrascan Research Services are:

  1. Ultrascan Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO);
  2. Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations (AGI);
  3. Ultrascan Interim & Recruitment Services;
  4. Ultrascan HUMINT Tribal and Crime Mapping;
  5. Ultrascan Product Development.


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Call Ultrascan KPO: +31 20 80 80 336 or send an email: Ultrascan KPO